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Small Group Separation in Large School Room

The Location

Little Tor Elementary School- New City, NY

The Challenge

Divide large school rooms

The Solution

Schools are an excellent example of facilities that frequently change. Classrooms and other multipurpose rooms are blank canvasses that can reset themselves every day if needed. Little Tor Elementary School hosted a small instructional group in their multipurpose room and needed some separation. As a solution, these educators reached out to us at Screenflex for a new portable room divider in their school.

The school’s district decided on getting a Standard Room Divider for their partitioning needs. This unit is five feet tall, which shields people when sitting down. Our contact, Matt Youngins, said this about their divider: “It is so flexible and easy to maneuver. The height is also perfect for blocking the sound and vision of others in the area.” In addition to the acoustic benefits, these panels all have tackable fabric as the top layer so the educators can display art, signage, or other decorations. Since the panels all fold accordion-style, they can easily close into a compact 2 ft by 3 ft space for out-of-the-way storage. In this larger multipurpose room, allowing small group separation can efficiently help you create options for your teachers and students.

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