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Protection of Church Stage Area

The Location

Shelbyville Community Church- Shelbyville, IN

The Challenge

Protecting Stage and Storage Areas

The Solution

Every church facility has features or characteristics that make it unique from its peers. Some churches, in particular, have stages that need preservation and safety guidelines for when they are not in use. For example, Shelbyville Community Church likes to block off its stage and storage spaces for safety and tidiness. The church leaders can create protection for their stage and storage areas by using Screenflex portable dividers as barriers.

As shown, the dividers block off two different parts of the room. Behind one of the sections is a stage that little kids have been known to climb on and occasionally cause damage. Screenflex dividers offer protection to this church’s stage area and are also used as temporary walls for storage. Since the dividers are portable, they safely and efficiently roll over any floor surface from place to place. If the church leaders need to open the room back up, they easily fold up accordion-style for compact storage. When we asked our contact, Bruce, about the dividers, said “They are exactly what we were looking for and work perfectly for our situation.” In general, these dividers help adapt this church’s facility in countless ways and keep both the people and material objects safe.

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