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Church Partition for Multipurpose Room

The Location

Holy Ascension Church

The Challenge

Divide a Church Multipurpose Room

The Solution

A church’s multipurpose room can come in many forms. Sometimes they are big gymnasiums that can be used in many ways, other times they are a bit smaller and classroom-like as the pictures above show. Regardless of the size, a multipurpose room sometimes needs to hold several activities at once. Pastors and other church leaders can accomplish this without any sort of barrier, however, it would be challenging to limit distractions. As a solution, try using church partitions to section off your multipurpose room.

As shown above, the leaders at Holy Ascension Church used an 11-panel room divider to section off their multipurpose room. The Standard Screenflex Divider bends at a 90-degree angle, which easily hides the corner of this church’s multipurpose room. Inside their portable walls are two tables that a small group can occupy for bible studies or other fellowships. Not only are these church partitions freestanding, but they are also adaptable too. If the room needs rearranging to accommodate other groups or events, the temporary walls can easily move out of the way. They also fold accordion-style into a compact space for out of the way storage. The church leaders were pleased with their products and are also repeat customers.

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