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3 panel clear 10'0"

Need a clear portable and writable surface that's easy to use and simple to move?  Our clear room dividers are the solution. The self-leveling casters make it easy to move your divider over uneven surfaces and from room-to-room.  Each 3/16 inch crystal-clear OPTIX® panel is surrounded by a sturdy extruded aluminum channel framing with black anodized finish.  Each panel is 6 feet 2 inches in height.  Choose from a 1-panel unit (3 feet 4 inches long) or a 3-panel unit (10 feet long). Use wet erase markers or liquid chalk to write directly on the clear surface. Recommended for use in schools, airports, offices, hotels, or anywhere division with vision is needed.

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Clear Plastic Room Dividers Movable and Writable

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