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Enhancing Space Utilization with Screenflex's Folding Acoustical Divider

Market: Library
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The Location

Suburban Public Library

The Challenge

Create flexible and functional areas

The Solution

Screenflex’s new Folding Acoustical Divider emerged as a promising solution to address the challenges of a suburban public library. This library incorporated Screenflex’s Folding Acoustical Divider into various spaces within the facility. The library strategically placed the dividers to create flexible zones that could be easily adjusted based on daily needs or specific events. 

The Folding Acoustical Divider allowed for the creation of dynamic, multi-functional spaces that accommodated both individual study and group activities. The sound-absorbing properties of the divider contributed to a quieter and more focused study environment. 

Screenflex’s Folding Acoustical Divider proved to be a transformative solution for the library, enhancing space utilization, managing noise levels, and maintaining a harmonious balance between various library activities. The library’s experience serves as a testament to the effectiveness of innovative, flexible solutions in optimizing space for cultural and educational institutions. 

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