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Early Childhood Education Space

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The Location

Primary Care Classroom

The Challenge

Shield between napping children and kids at play

The Solution

Creating a safe place for children to thrive in an early learning environment is the goal of most daycare centers. Whether the location is in a church, home, office, or specialized building, having the appropriate space for kids in most early childhood education is essential. Screenflex Portable Room Dividers is fortunate to work with many daycare centers needing privacy between napping children and other students at play.

By opening a divider partition partially, a room can split up while allowing vision to both sides of the room. The folding wall partition can be arranged in a straight, curved, zig-zag, or L-shape to accommodate the design of your space. Fabric walls are tackable allowing you to display children’s crafts, lesson plans, or decorations. The bright green coloring from our Apple Green fabric also adds a visually appealing element. Additionally, each room divider dampens ambient noise in the classroom to create a peaceful and nurturing environment for learning and napping. When the portable walls are not in use, they can also easily close up and store for another time. There are 36 sizes and 38 colors available for these, perfect for any use in early childhood education.  (Photo credit: Screenflex)

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