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Back to School Display

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The Location

Lincoln School- Newark, NJ

The Challenge

Have a freestanding display for welcoming kids back to school

The Solution

The energy after a school summer break is usually a good one. Students are excited to see their classmates and teachers, so their spirits are high. To help harness that energy into a positive and productive school year, educators try to welcome their students as effectively as possible. At Lincoln School in Newark, New Jersey, the educators put together a “Back to School” night and reached out to Screenflex for a display for the entrance. By pinning colorful artwork to their Screenflex room divider, they created a fun and festive entryway to the event.

The partition was one of four Standard Room Dividers purchased for the school in December. This freestanding device is one of the best display tools a school can get. Educators can use this blank canvas of a wall to create their desired design. The dividers fold accordion-style, allowing them to position in various shapes. This feature also allows the screens to fold into a tight 2ft by 3ft space to make moving from place to place more straightforward and is excellent for storage.

Welcome your students back to school in style with Screenflex.

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