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How To Divide Space In A Busy Classroom

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Divide Space!

Our creative team invited 14 boys and girls to Screenflex to help us shoot a video.
Portable room dividers can effectively divide space in any classroom
creating a visual barrier and sound barrier.
The kids were great! They are all natural actors and so well behaved! We all had a lot of fun.
We hope you’ll enjoy this fun video we created!

Video Transcript:

Noise and visual distractions are a teacher’s worst nightmare when trying to keep control
in a busy classroom. When children who are involved in different activities have to
share the same room the distractions are further compounded.
To help eliminate distractions and to return peace and quiet, Screenflex portable room dividers
can easily be expanded to contain any space. To return the room to normal Screenflex dividers
simply fold accordion style, and latch closed taking up little floor space.
To create a more secluded and controlled environment, arranged dividers with corners for an
enclosed configuration to divide space.
Acoustical panels are pinnable and tackable and can even be used for art displays.
Screenflex sells optional marker boards which can be hung anywhere on the divider.
Whether you need to create a room or simply divide between tables, Screenflex will provide you with the
flexibility you need for your changing environment.
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