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What's Hidden Behind Your Heavy Duty Room Divider?

Heavy Duty Room Divider Provides a Storage Area in a Room

Heavy Duty Room Divider

One thing I like most about portable room dividers is how flexible they are when using them. It’s kind of interesting that the same product can be used in so many venues and for many reasons.

When I was visiting a friend in Safety Harbor, Florida this past spring, we saw Screenflex room dividers in action. We took a ride over to Brair Creek Clubhouse where my friend’s parents are members.

My friend Jen introduced me to several very talented young seniors. They told me that their group gets together quite often and they hold many functions in the clubhouse. The night I was there, some of the folks put on a talent show. There were actors, singers, dancers, and even jugglers.

Before the show started, I noticed that to the right of the stage was a Screenflex heavy-duty room divider. The divider was decorated really cute with big colorful butterflies on the panels and was used as a holding room for the actors to change. Great idea!

Around 100+ chairs are stored in the rear corner of the clubhouse. During parties and events, the chair pallets have been a huge eyesore for guests.  Carol, the party coordinator, purchased one heavy-duty room divider to create a room in the clubhouse to store all the party chairs. It is the perfect solution. Now during parties, people aren’t looking at a bunch of stacked up chairs. The divider provides a nice wall to block the clutter and still allows natural light from the windows to come into the room.

Carol, the party coordinator says:

We love the divider! We wanted to cover up stored chairs in the rear of our clubhouse. We’ll also use the dividers for other functions such as a dressing cubicle for style shows and dividing off for card games etc.

The room looks great with the Screenflex heavy-duty room divider. The decorations on the divider are very cute and it’s nice not to see the clutter of chairs. The talent show was fun to watch and a huge success!


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