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Feng Shui In Your Room Can Change Your Life


Your Room

When you are ready to decorate your room, do you think about the Feng Shui in your room? There are some beliefs that say that by using Feng Shui, you can improve your life.  Can Feng Shui balance the energy of your bedroom, kitchen or office space by receiving positive energy? Continue reading and judge for yourself.

We know that Feng Shui originated around 3,000 – 5,000 years ago in China.   Ever since then, people have been trying to uncover the secrets of good Feng Shui.  Feng means wind and shui means water.  Some say that if you adopt the ways of Feng Shui you will have a healthier lifestyle, greater personal wealth and an improved social status. Even if you don’t believe in Feng Shui, following these concepts can help you design and re-arrange the spaces in your home or office.

Clutter Free Room

Keep a clutter free room to keep the energy flowing.  Clutter weighs down and stops energy from flowing throughout your space.   If you have a little clutter in the corner and no time to straighten, try a room divider.  You’ll keep your space looking neat and organized.  You’ll see that when your home or office is clutter free, creativity and productivity abounds.

Natural Light

Have you ever been in a room where there was no natural light?  How did you feel?  Bringing the outdoors in will provide lots of warmth and cheerfulness to a room.  Natural light can also strengthen concentration.  Try using mirrors.  Mirrors reflect light making a room appear brighter.


Color can affect mood and energy.  Color can make you feel anxious while other colors can calm and exhilarate you?  The  Feng Shui color theories can help you pick the perfect colors for your room, office or furniture.

  • Blue – relaxing and soothing
  • Purple – healing or meditation
  • Green- peaceful and calming
  • Yellow – cheerful and energetic
  • White – neutral and detached
  • Red – luck and courage
  • Orange – social and lively conversations
  • Brown – energize your confidence and calm your mind
  • Black – protection and power

Do you believe in Feng Shui?  By following some of these tips you might find your way to overall harmony.

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