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Introducing New Economical Partitions: Duraflex, Soundflex, and Flexwall

When it comes to adding furniture to your organization, budget plays a big role. For this reason, Screenflex has introduced three new economical partitions to their catalog: Duraflex Dividers, Soundflex Acoustical Dividers, and Flexwall Acoustical Dividers.

Duraflex Dividers

Duraflex Dividers offer portability, affordability, and personalized design, making them an ideal choice for versatile space management. These dividers feature a 16-gauge steel frame enveloped by a lightweight yet durable polyester canvas, ensuring both strength and ease of mobility. The dividers’ stability is further enhanced by rounded plastic corner joints. With seven color options, the rolling partition provides a customizable touch to your space, allowing easy integration with your existing decor.

Tan canvas room divider

Product options

  • 6′ Rolling Divider

Available in five colors (Beige, Black, Blue, Olive, and Pewter Gray) on a portable 6′ x 6′ canvas.

  • Two-Way Standing Divider

6′ x 4′ canvas available in six colors (Beige, Black, Blue, Olive, Pewter Gray, and Red).

  • Folding Divider

Several size options are available that can fold to create a C-shape, L-shape, or straight line. Available in seven canvas colors (Beige, Blue, Olive, Pewter Gray, Red, and Sterling).

Soundflex Acoustical Divider

Absorb sound within your space using the Soundflex Acoustical Divider. This accordion-style partition, standing at 6’6” in height and extending 8’ in length, features panels with a robust foam core boasting an NRC rating of .80 to effectively absorb excess noise and echoes. Offering versatility, the self-supporting partition can take on an L or C shape with optional foot accessories for added stability. Whether you aim to boost productivity, establish private workspaces, or offer other separation needs, Soundflex Acoustical Dividers offer an efficient solution.

Product Highlights

  • Acoustic-ribbed fabric over heavy foam core panels – divider sits flush to the floor for an NRC 0.80 rating.
  • Dimensions of 6’6” H x 8’ L, with the possibility to attach more panels with a magnetic connection system. 
  • Three color options for facility customization.

Flexwall Acoustical Divider

Flexwall Acoustical Divider offers another way to balance the acoustics in your facility with a stylish twist. While offering similar sound-dampening qualities to Soundflex, this partition differs by using a curved structure. These smaller acoustically lined panels stand freely from the wall in a curved, serpentine-like shape.

Black curved room divider

Product Highlights

  • Dimensions of 6’6” H x 8’ L, with the possibility to attach more panels with a magnetic connection system.  
  • Acoustic-ribbed fabric over heavy foam core panels – partition sits flush to the floor for an NRC 0.80 rating. 
  • Sleek, curved design for a unique and modern aesthetic.
  • Three color options for facility customization. 

For more information on any of these economical partitions, reach out to one of our knowledgeable consultants.

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