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DIY Cubicle Assembly: A Guide to Installing Your Screenflex System

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Office redesigns can conjure images of annoying drilling, confusing instruction manuals, and leftover screws rolling around. Expanding your team or revamping your workspace doesn’t have to be a recipe for frustration, especially with Screenflex Officeflex Cubicles. This guide (along with our trusty and friendly customer service team if you have any further questions) will have you transforming your space into a easy, breezy afternoon setup.  

No Tools Here! 

Unlike those clunky, old-school cubicles that require an arsenal of tools — screwdrivers, drills, the whole nine yards — Screenflex boasts a toolless assembly. No more frantic searching for the missing Phillips screwdriver or wrestling with stripped hardware. Our cubicles come together with a simple slide-and-place mechanism (more on that below!). This translates to a faster, easier, less stressful, and wallet-friendly installation process. 

Cubicle Setup in Minutes 

Ready to ditch the installation dread and embrace cubicle Zen? Here’s a quick guide to get your Screenflex workstations up and running in a flash, no matter if it’s a single, double, or corner configuration:  

• Unbox with Care: Carefully unpack your cubicle components and ensure you have all the parts. 

• Feet First: Position the feet where you want your cubicle walls to stand. 

• Slide and Lock: Place the panel between the feet and slide the aluminum posts through the panel and into the feet. Repeat for each panel. 

• Accessorize Away: Add your personal touch with standing desks, ergonomic chairs, shelves, or filing cabinets. 

• Voila! You’ve easily conquered the cubicle and created a space that reflects your unique work style. 

Psst, here’s our assembly printout for you!  


Flexibility Meets Functionality 

Officeflex isn’t just about painless assembly; it’s about creating a workspace that works for you. Our modular design features acoustic panels that not only dampen sound but also act as pinboards or art displays, so you can personalize your space and keep important ideas front and center. 

Their flexibility and reconfigurability allows you to create private nooks for focused work, semi-private areas for collaboration, or more open-plan layouts that encourage interaction, all without disrupting your daily operations. The result? A dynamic, efficient, and comfortable environment that fosters productivity and keeps your team happy. 

Our versatile cubicles can be used to transform an array of spaces. Create booths for a trade show, build study pods for a higher education library, install smaller footprint cubicles for busy call centers, and more. Screenflex also offers flexible room dividers if you need to break up rooms into sections or office departments, too!   

Streamline Your Office with Screenflex 

Ready to ditch the stress and build your dream workspace? Click through your perfect office options (configuration, size, trim color, and fabric color) for your Officeflex system and unleash your inner designer! If you need help with the design process (and even during installation), fear not. Our Screenflex reps are just an email or phone call away.  

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