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Design a Waiting Area That Wows with Room Dividers

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First impressions matter. And a waiting area, reception space, or lobby has the power to make a great (or bad) first impression. Given that patients spend an average of 18 minutes there, and a staggering 84 percent of people consider wait times to be a major factor in their overall experience, it makes sense to design a waiting area that leaves each guest feeling positive, at ease, welcomed, and comfortable about their upcoming appointment.  

Let’s face it, waiting in a lobby is probably not something a person thinks of as a good time, but you can improve the experience by offering a private, functional, and clean space thanks to Screenflex room dividers and partitions 

The Waiting Room Blues 

If you’ve ever waited for a doctor’s visit, DMV, job interview, or another appointment-based meeting, you’ve probably felt some impending anxiety. And that’s normal — the “waiting room can cause us stress, anxiety, and even sheer anger,” according to a study. Here’s the explanation behind the wait-induced worries: your amygdala, the brain’s “security guard,” goes on high alert, searching for potential threats or dangers. In turn, this makes you feel uneasy, anxious, and scared. Meanwhile, your cerebral cortex, or the “thinking center,” gets stuck ruminating on the situation, creating a worry cycle. But what if waiting rooms could be transformed into a positive experience? Enter room dividers.  

Three Design Tips for Your Waiting Area 

Here are three design strategies you can take to transform your waiting area into a welcoming, worry-free oasis, ultimately leading to a more positive experience for your patients and clients.

Diminish Germs
Waiting areas are high-traffic spaces, making them susceptible to the spread of germs, sniffles, and sneezes. Strategically placed room dividers can act as physical barriers, controlling patient footprints and staff workflow, and potentially reducing airborne germs. Opt for dividers made of easy-to-clean materials like acrylic, polycarbonate, glass, or vinyl Healthflex Privacy Screens feature a vinyl covering with an antimicrobial protectant to stop the spread of germs. Better yet, they’re easy to clean to stay on top of hygiene.

Embrace Privacy
Open floor plans improve sociability and communication with others but lack the privacy many people crave. Room dividers can help with their sound-absorbing features and blocking visual stimuli to offer a calming moment of peace. Screenflex offers an array of acoustical, sliding, and wall-mounted dividers, large and small, depending on your facility’s preference. You can place smaller dividers in between individual seats or bigger dividers in larger seating areas to help embrace patient privacy.

Cater to Different Needs 

Waiting is boring, and nowhere does time seem to pass slower than in a waiting or reception area waiting for your name to be called at the doctor or at the DMV, for example. So why not battle boredom by creating designated zones within your waiting area? For instance, offer a calming adult section with tall plants, calming visuals and artwork, magazines and reading materials, and soft music. Section off a children’s area with more colorful dividers and place toys, games, and age-appropriate shows on the TV screens. This will help to keep them occupied and not complain about being bored. By sectioning zones like quiet areas, activity spaces, and more, your patient can choose the spot right for them and enjoy their wait time. 

Give Your Lobby a Makeover with Screenflex 

We’ve been there — stuck in a waiting room, anxiety and unease simmering or boredom creeping in. But the dilemma stops here, thanks to room dividers! Browse our website to explore our comprehensive line of room dividers and partitions or contact our experts to create a waiting room that fosters comfort, reduces stress, and leaves a lasting positive impression. 

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