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Screenflex FAQ

At Screenflex we care about our customers.  From the moment you contact us, through choosing your divider, delivery and beyond, our sales representatives are here to assist you.  Discover the many uses for Screenflex room dividers in your facility from an art display board, room separator to being used for sound absoprtion we have the right room divider for you. View the Screenflex FAQ section on the site for anwers to your room divider questions.  Don't find what you need? Contact one of our sales representatives for a free non-obligation room design plan to accommodate your needs or for a price quote.

Creative Ways To Display Student Artwork

Recently, we received an email from a customer who told us how much our product has helped her. She went…

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The Benefits of Using Rolling Temporary Walls For Aviation Facility Management & Security

In today's world of hyper-vigilant airport security, crowded TSA checkpoints and long waits have become the norm and not the exception. Gone…

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Choosing Classroom Paint Colors - Our Top 5 Picks

Our relationship with the senses is a complex one.  Professionals from every discipline have spent decades and dollars attempting to understand how…

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Your Personalized Logo or Image Here!

Enhance the look of any divider with a personalized mural or logo. Screenflex Customer Service Representatives are available to assist you in…

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Our Sound Absorbing Panels Pass the Test

How do Screenflex Panels Absorb Sound? It's in the core!  Inside each of our sound absorbing panels is a 1/2…

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Display Towers Ideas for Your Classroom and Beyond

If you're an educator, would you like to showcase student artwork or create a display for parents' night?  If you're a business…

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Room Dividers Made In the USA Are Superior In Quality

In case you are wondering where we manufacture our room dividers, this video tells you all you need to know…

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Installing A Wall Mount Room Divider Is Actually Quick And Easy - Video

Installing wall mount room divider is not difficult   If you are wondering if installing a Wall mount room divider is easy,…

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The Difference Between the Freestanding & Heavy Duty Room Divider

When you think about Heavy Duty the first thing you think of is tough right? Heavy Duty is built to take…

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How Do Room Dividers Absorb Sound?

Room Dividers Divide And Conquer Sight and sound distractions are two of the most important reasons people tend to need…

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What Options Do I Need For My Room Divider?

Options for My Room Dividers Screenflex Room Dividers can create classrooms anywhere, and have the flexibility to set-up infinite configurations.…

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Which Room Divider Is Best For My Facility?

Screenflex Room Divider Comparison Depending on your needs, Screenflex has a room divider designed just right for your facility. We…

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