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Unmatched Safety

Screenflex unmatched safety features At Screenflex, quality and safety are of the utmost importance and serve as our guiding factor to deliver products that are safe, reliable and the preferred customer choice.  These principles drive Screenflex to adhere to top product safety and quality guidelines and procedures throughout the entire buying and manufacturing process.  We do this through our passion for superior service, operational excellence, innovation, and product improvements.  

Our commitment to excellence and unmatched safety include:

  • Develop and market products that are manufactured and used safely as directed
  • Unique steel end supports lower the unit's center of gravity making it extremely stable. This design also allows for clear sight lines when moving the divider
  • Full-length piano hinges connect panels every 4" vertically, resulting in superior strength and stability without gaps between panels
  • Screenflex products are manufactured under U.S. Patents including US 6,892,784 "Stabilized Portable Room Divider"
  • The entire finished product (fabric and panel core) is fire rated under the ASTME 84 tests
  • Screenflex units are approved for use by our federal government via GSA contract number GS-28F-0044V
  • Constructed using non-toxic materials and finishes
  • Dedicated teams monitor the quality of the products, three different times, throughout production.
  • Continually improve products, packaging, labeling, and instructions
  • No loose parts
  • Locking casters secure dividers in place
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