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Surprising Facts About The Benefits of Buying Recycled Products

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If you’re like a growing number of consumers, you care about the changes happening to our environment.  You recycle when you can, make a point to buy for products that can be recycled or products made from recycled materials.  At Screenflex, we want to make your decision to buy recycled products that much easier for you to do.

It’s Not Easy Being Green!

We’re doing our part to help you do yours.  Starting with the recycled corrugated cardboard used in our packing, we manufacture our products from recycled materials, and currently, 76% of the material used in our Screenflex room divider products comes from post-consumer recycled materials.

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What Is A Recycled Content Product?

A recycled product is a product made in whole or in part from material recovered from or kept from the waste stream.  Many “recycled products” contain less than 100% recovered materials, and should more accurately be called recycled content products, or RCPs. Examples include products, such as a refilled printer cartridges, recycled paper, and recycled plastic lumber.  When you buy products with recycled-content, your purchases help to create a demand for the materials collected in recycling programs and prevent those materials from ending up in a landfill.

Our room dividers and display towers are other examples of RCPs. We buy many of our textiles from companies which make their product from 100% compostable materials.  In addition, the steel used for our end frames, channels, casters, and legs, is derived from recycled steel.  Same for the aluminum used in our hinges.

Scrap materials in boxesThen, we continue the loop by recycling any scrap metals left over, once the manufacturing process is complete.

Some Of The Benefits of Buying Recycled Products

Buying recycled products, or products made from recycled materials has many benefits.

  1. Reduces Waste and Pollution
  2. Conserves Landfill space
  3. Saves Money and Creates jobs
  4. Uses Less Energy and Fewer New Resources

Recycled products have the same quality, reliability, and dependability as their non-recycled counterparts and recycled content products have the same quality, reliability, and dependability as their non-recycled counterparts.

For consumers looking to do their part and have a positive impact on the environment, buying recycled products made from recycled content, is a step in the right direction.

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