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Screenflex Portable Partitions Soundproofing Qualities

Purple room dividers in an L-shape around a set of chairs and a table in a hotel lobbyA room divider creates an office space with a man behind a desk speaking with a woman sitting in a chair on the other side of the desk

Portable Partitions Are Sound Absorbing!

Our portable partitions are not sound proof but have sound absorbing properties which help to cut sound. Our Screenflex acoustical sound absorbing panels take in up to 65% of sound.
Sound absorption is the property of any material that changes the acoustic energy of sound waves into another form (Wikipedia). Screenflex portable partitions undergo laboratory sound tests. In these sound tests, we found that when using a 6′-0″ high partition, the following percentage of sound decibel is absorbed.

1. Straight Line Configuration

Sound Absorption = 45%


2. L Shape or one 90 degrees corner

Sound Absorption = 55%


3. U Shape or Two 90 degree corners

Sound Absorption = 65%

Sound tests will vary depending on the floors, walls and ceiling type.  Soft materials (carpet, drapes or furniture) in your room will increase the percentage of the sound absorbed from what is shown. Screenflex tests include a chamber with concrete floors, walls, and ceilings.

Church programs such as Awana, use Screenflex Portable Partitions to separate two or more groups. The dividers create a visual and sound barrier so that one group can play a game while the other group can memorize their verses. In a large fellowship hall that is used for both small and large groups, room dividers are the perfect temporary solution for dividing space and creating a “portable classroom”.

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