Video: Are Portable Room Dividers Sound Proof?

Screenflex Room Dividers are remarkably stable!
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Screenflex Portable Room Dividers block all sight and they block a good fair amount of sound as explained in the short video linked here.

Hi, I’m Steve with Screenflex. Today I want to demonstrate the sound absorption of our Screenflex Room Divider panels. To give you a good illustration of sound absorption, I’m going to walk around behind the panels and yell as loud as I can. Did you hear me? Of course not. I didn’t yell at all. Reason being is our panels are sound absorbing. They block about half the sound in a room. It’s pretty hard to demonstrate that especially over something that is video taped and going to be watched on home speakers on a computer. There’s just no way I can give you an accurate representation of how the panels would sound. There is sound information on our website under our frequently asked questions section of our website and will give the specs on sound absorption tests. Other than that, just know that the panels are fairly good at sound absorption. They are definitely not sound proof but they make a good visual divider and they block a good amount of the distracting sound in a room.

Thank you for watching!