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3 Tips To Welcome Back Teachers This School Year

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Welcome back to school for teachers

As a principal, it’s important to go the extra mile and welcome back teachers from a long break; be it Summer, Fall, or Spring break. Most teachers are overworked, underpaid, and are just as bummed as their students are to be returning. Many people think that the role of a principal is to act like the emperor of the school; when it reality the principal’s role is to is to keep everyone focused. If you want your teachers to have a successful semester, it is up to you to energize them and keep them motivated.  we have outlined a few simple ways to welcome back teachers.

One of the ways you can get the semester started off right is to find a fun and unique way to greet your teachers upon returning to school. In most school districts, teachers are back to work weeks before the student’s return. Take that time to make them feel appreciated and welcomed.

If you’re short on ideas about what to do when your teaching returns to work, don’t worry. We have taken the time to gather a few tips and suggestions to help you with your brainstorming process. Here are the 3 Tips To Welcome Back Teachers.

  • Write a personal note

    Nothing is as simple and effective as delivering a personally written letter or message to someone. As a way of welcoming back them all a personal note. It can be handwritten or typed; as long as you personally sign it the effect will be the same. If you are the principal of a large school, you may need some help on this one; but for most schools, this is can be a realistic goal.Don’t fret if you don’t know a lot about some teachers or if you don’t have time to write a completely original note. Try coming up with a letter template; complete with all the hellos and superlative you would usually put in a letter.Then, when you’re writing for all the teachers, you can just plug in the personal information where you need to and BAM. Instant thank you letter. It sounds like a small gesture, but trust me; it will go a long way with many teachers. If you can write to every teacher, pick out the ones that need the most encouragement.

  • Put up a welcome back sign

    Most people put up “Welcome Back” signs for the students, but rarely does anyone do it for the teachers. It’s cheesy, I know, but it is also an extremely effective method of making your teachers feel special and welcomed.If you lack the penmanship or artistic skill to make the signs yourself; get some of the students that tend to be suck-ups. Most over-achieving honors students will jump at the chance to distinguish themselves in even the slightest way; many of them will already be up at the school doing some extra-curricular project or pestering the summer staff for something.

  • Make the first meeting an informal lunch

    When the teaching staff comes back from break, there is an inevitable slew of meetings upon meetings to get everything up to snuff for the returning students. The first meeting of the year is seldom productive so keep it light, informal, and order pizza!Sharing a meal with your coworkers, shooting the breeze, and discussing your craft in a low pressure is the perfect way for the teaching staff to cultivate familial feelings with their co-workers; the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. This time also presents you with an excellent opportunity to discuss your common goals for the year. You will be surprised how much can get accomplished in an informal meeting!

It’s so easy to get caught up on the administrative side of being a principal that you forget the human side sometimes. Sure, a principal is supposed to enforce the rules and make sure everything is running smoothly; but sometimes that means putting down the pencil, getting out there, and motivating people. These three simple tips are a great way to get your staff up and moving.

As long as you remember both the administrative and human side of the job and you tend to them equally, you will find more success in your career than you ever have before.  We hope these ways to welcome back a teacher can encourage you and assist you in helping your staff.

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