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Ways to Use a Room Divider - Pictures Are Worth 1000 Words!

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Customer Service Feedback

Learn ways to use a room divider

At Screenflex, we believe service to our customers doesn’t end once they’ve received their product.  And we don’t just want to know if they were happy with our service, buying process, or delivery.  We also want to know if they’re happy with their product once it’s unpacked and in use.

Does it exceed expectations? Is it fulfilling the need that caused them to buy it in the first place?  Most of all, would they recommend Screenflex to someone who was looking to buy a room divider?

As part of our customer service protocol, we follow-up with each customer by sending an email asking:

  • Did the delivery process go smoothly
  • Did everything arrive as expected
  • Can we answer any questions or troubleshoot issues

They Like Us! They Really, Really Like Us!

Periodically, their return emails also contain photos of our product in use, with comments about how they’re using them.  And, as you will see from the photos, our customer’s needs come in all shapes and sizes and that there’re 1001 ways to use a room divider!

Ways to Use a Room Divider in Any Facility

Big or small, old or new, there is a room divider perfectly suited to fill every need.

Share an image with Screenflex on ways you use your Screenflex portable walls

Screenflex dividers serve many functions in the library at
Naperville North High school
Naperville, IL 

Church portable walls expand the use of this multi purpose room

Bible study areas at
Greenwood Baptist Church
Winchester, VA


Classroom dividers are tackable, sound absorbent and movable

Art display wall
Holliston School for the Performing Arts
Holliston, MA



Maximize the use of you space with Room divider walls

Sunday School
First Chinese Baptist Church
Fresno, CA

The greatest compliment of all came to us last week from Screenflex Super Fan, Mrs. Roberta Lambert (the lovely woman featured on the cover of this blog post).

ways to use room dividers

Social Room at
St Gerard Mission Church
New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Mrs. Lambert contacted us from St Gerard Mission Church in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.  She contacted us on 9/5/13 because her parish was looking to buy room dividers to create a social room for an event that was just a few weeks away.

Our sales team worked with her to design the best and most economical layout for their space, and we had her completed order shipped out on 9/19/13.  Mrs. Lambert was kind enough to send us a photo and letter, letting us know that their room dividers arrived on time and were in place for their 9/28/13 event!

We l-o-v-e helping people find solutions to managing their space and showing them all the ways to use a room divider.  Whether it’s making better use of a too large area or making a small space more functional, Screenflex Portable Room Dividers are super easy to order and because they collapse in a jiffy and store compactly, they’re even easier to use!


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