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American Made Room Dividers by Screenflex


Transcript for American Made Room Dividers by Screenflex

Enjoy this short video on American Made Room Dividers made by Screenflex Portable Room Dividers in Lake Zurich, IL.  For over 26 years Screenflex has made and manufactured Screenflex room dividers in the suburbs of Chicago.


Steve:                          Hi.  This is Steve with Screenflex room dividers and this is Monica.  Hi Monica.

Monica:                      Hi Steve.

Steve:                         How are you today?

Monica:                     Good, thanks.

Steve:                          Good.   Hey Monica, where are Screenflex room dividers built?

 Monica:                     They’re built in Lake Zurich.

 Steve:                          Lake Zurich.  Switzerland?

Monica:                      No, not Switzerland.  Lake Zurich, Illinois.

Steve:                          Illinois, yes.  In the good old USA.

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