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Movable Partitions Arrive Ready-to-Use


After purchasing your Screenflex Movable Partitions, it takes two weeks to build and one week to ship the partition to your location.  Upon arrival, simply unload the box and roll the preassembled divider into place.

For more information on how to order your Screenflex Portable Divider contact or (800) 553-0110.

Transcript for Movable Partitions Arrive Ready-to-Use

Hi.  I’m Steve with Screenflex.

We’re often asked if our freestanding room dividers require installation.  The answer is no.  The freestanding room divider comes fully assembled right out of the box just as you see it.

To use it, release the frame and open the divider to any position you desire.  The wide end frame supports the divider no matter how it’s positioned and gives it all the support it needs to stand in your facility.

You can position it however you like when you fold it.  The frames on either end support the closed stack just as well as they support the open unit.

Thank you for watching.