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How to Receive your Screenflex Divider Shipment


Hi.  This is Steve from Screenflex.  I’d like to show you today how to receive a room divider delivery from us.

The dividers come fully assembled, packed very securely in a tall carton about the size of a refrigerator.  The tailgate delivery means that the driver of the truck is to bring the divider to the tailgate of the truck and hand off the carton to the customer on the ground.

The customer is required to lower the carton to the ground and to unbox the divider and bring it in the building on his own.  Truck driver’s responsibility ends at the tailgate of the truck.

Screenflex recommends at least two people to handle the delivery.  Room dividers weigh anywhere between 85 and 240 pounds.  In some areas lift gate service may be available at an extra charge.  In either case, the truck driver will always call usually the day before delivery to schedule the delivery time.

Once the divider is on the ground the carton can begin to be removed.  The carton is glued and stapled with some very large staples.  Take caution not to cut yourself on the staples as they are sharp.

Working your way around the bottom of the carton, pull down all of the flaps that are folded up from the bottom.  This will expose the top of the carton so that it can be lifted off.

Once you get all of the flaps removed from the bottom of the carton, begin to split the carton on either side.  It is stapled up and down both sides from top to bottom.  Splitting it in half will make it much easier to remove.

You can see that most of the staples will pull free just by giving a sharp tug on the cardboard.

Here you can see the carton being lifted completely off the top of the divider, some extra packaging being removed and now you’ll see that the divider is sitting on a base of several tubular pieces of cardboard which can be just kicked off the base.  They are glued on with some hot glue, but they can be broken off the base of the package and the divider can be slid forward or backward off of the upright rails that support the divider during transit.

It is now ready to be brought into the building.  It is ready to roll.  There’s nothing to put together.  Dividers are 25 inches wide.  This should fit through most standard doors and the divider is now ready for use.

Thank you much for watching.