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Alpine Chapel Pastor Testimonial


Screenflex Portable Dividers has been a vital part in helping Alpine Chapel transition through its many growth stages.  Alpine uses Screenflex dividers in a myriad of ways; dividing game time space for AWANA, forming smaller classrooms for students or bible studies, creating more intimate worship space, and displaying nametags on a weekly basis.  The possibilities are endless.

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Transcript for Alpine Chapel Pastor Testimonial

I’m John Cross from Alpine Chapel in Lake Zurich, Illinois.

We really appreciate being able to use Screenflex partitions because of the flexibility they give us to meet the changing ministry demands that we face during the week and on every Sunday.

On a given Sunday, we may wanna break up our multipurpose room into two or three different areas for youth activities and for fellowship time when our people come out of the service.

After the service, we may have a Sunday luncheon that we wanna be able to setup for in advance and Screenflex gives us the ability to do that in a very practical, easy way.

Those same partitions may move downstairs to classrooms during the week to give us more flexibility for our during the week classes.

We really appreciate everything the Screenflex allows us to do in an easy and simple manner.

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