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Folding Wall Partitions Building Material


Featured in this video are the quality standard features Screenflex puts into every one of its U.S. made folding wall partitions.  Screenflex has been manufacturing portable partitions for over 25 years.  As a leader in the industry, Screenflex uses the best quality in materials to ensure every divider meets our customers’ standards.

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Transcript for Folding Wall Partitions Building Material

Hi.  This is Steve with Screenflex room dividers.  I’d like to show you the construction of a Screenflex room divider panel today.

As you can see on this cutaway, the panel starts with a honeycomb core.  Very rigid, but lightweight.  It’s overlaid by two layers of compressed fiberglass insulation, which gives it a good sound absorbing quality.

Finally, it’s finished with a commercial grade fabric.  The panel is then wrapped in this lighter colored steel frame welded at the corners and a new channel of powder coat pained steel finishes the panel.  This provides a very durable, lightweight, sound absorbing panel, which is about an inch thick.

That’s how the Screenflex room divider panel is built.

Thank you very much for watching this video on Screenflex folding wall partitions.