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Display Tower


Screenflex Display Towers are an excellent way to showcase art or other information. To learn more, please contact a Screenflex representative at or (800) 553-0110.


Available in 3 or 6 panels, the display towers come in two heights: 5’9″ or 6’5.”

To use the display tower, walk the panels to the designated area and unfold them into position.

The 3-panel tower offers up to 68 sq feet of tackable surface.

The 6-panel tower has twice the tackable surface for a total of up to 136 sq feet

Locking caster wheels secure the tower into place while upper and lower panelocks fix the divider into the desired configuration.

Screenflex Art Display Systems are the easy, economical, and portable way to display information or create stunning portable art shows or exhibits.