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Differences Between the Standard Screenflex & Heavy Duty Room Dividers


See for yourself the difference between the Screenflex standard and heavy-duty dividers.

The standard dividers are mostly for everyday use and are our most purchased item.  The heavy-duty room dividers are designed for the rigors of the hospitality industry.

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Transcript: Differences Between the All-Purpose Screenflex & Heavy Duty Room Dividers

Steve: Hi. I’m Steve with Screenflex.

Tina: Hi. I’m Tina with Screenflex.

Steve: We’d like to show you a difference between our freestanding room dividers.

Tina: And our heavy-duty freestanding room dividers.

Steve: Our freestanding room divider is a sturdy, well-built, dependable room divider meant for everyday use.

Tina: And the heavy-duty freestanding room dividers are built for a more rigorous environment such as the hospitality industry.

Steve: The first difference is in our support legs. Our freestanding model has a self-leveling caster system for support. Our heavy-duty model has a dual wheel, extra heavy-duty self-leveling caster support system and a reinforced extra wide support leg as well.

The other difference on our support legs is the channel. The heavy-duty model has a deeper channel which wraps the panel and provides additional support.

Tina: We use a full-length panel hinge on both freestanding and heavy-duty room dividers, but on the heavy-duty room dividers we use a panel hinge that is extra thick and extra strong.

Steve: A multi-unit connector is available as an option for our freestanding room divider. On our heavy-duty model, it comes standard and enables units to be connected together end-to-end for continuous lengths.

Tina: This heavy-duty model has oversized, extra strong corner casters.

Steve: We’ve also added an additional frame support which gives it more stability and allows us to mount our screen lock up higher near the handle where it’s easier to reach than it is down below on a freestanding model.

In addition, there’s a gusset plate at the bottom of the frame to give even more support.

Lastly, our heavy-duty model has added gusset plates at the top corners for extra support.

Thank you very much.