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Will my Room Divider Fit Through a Standard Doorway?

Screenflex Room Dividers – What size room dividers will fit through a standard doorway?

The 6’8″ room divider would have to be angled to fit through a standard doorway.   Position controllers, that keep the unit open, add 3/4″ to the top of a room divider. This makes the unit 6’8 3/4″ tall.

Doors come in a range of standard heights and widths but are commonly 1-3/8-inches thick. In the USA, the standard residential door height is 6′-8″. However, 7′-0″ doors have become common in high-end houses. Commercial doors can be 8′-0″ or more depending on their use and site.   The 6′-8″ height is the most common height used.

A model rolls a Screenflex Room Divider through a standard doorway

Easily roll a Screenflex Room Divider through a standard doorway

Standard doorways are  6’8 tall for interior residential doorways. To make sure your room divider fits through your doorway, we recommend the purchase a 6’0″ room divider or shorter. 


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