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Managing A Shrinking Budget During a Tight Economy

Church construction project when you have a shrinking budget

Let’s face it, while we will all get through this together, the economy is sluggish at best and in a recession at worst. Donations and tithing are both down correspondingly. However, church attendance and participation in programs are up. This is not uncommon as history tells us that in tough times, more people take part in church services and programs, leaving leaders to manage services with a shrinking budget.

So how can church administrators both meet the needs of growing demands for the use of their facilities while at the same time struggling with shrinking budgets? Obviously building new, larger facilities or even putting on a simple addition is not possible. The dollars simply are not there, nor will not be for the foreseeable future.

How about leasing the additional space which is needed? This is certainly an option. However, it is an option most church administrators and congregations would prefer to avoid as after the lease is over, the church has nothing concrete to show for their investment.

The best alternative is to maximize church space with Screenflex Portable Partitions.  The movable walls can divide existing space into some more classrooms for Sunday School, Adult Classes, or an area to host meals.  The possibilities are endless.

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