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Secure Your Construction Site: Keep Workers and Pedestrians Safe with Portable Security Gates

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In construction, there’s a medley of must-haves tools, heavy machinery and equipment, materials… and safety protocols.! In fact, the safety of both the workers and passersby is a top priority on any work site. Sturdy barriers, accordion gates, scissor gates, and more safety structures separate the frenzy within from the outside world. Only authorized personnel gain access, keeping the public safe and projects on track. Safety gates are the workhorses of construction security, an essential line of defense against real-world hazards.  

plexiglass barricades positioned for crowd control

There are several important reasons why these security gates and safety measures are vital for pedestrian mitigation. Let’s examine some key situations and purposes that underscore their importance.  

Protection from Hazards 

Timing: In construction zones, barriers, fencing, and security gates are necessary whenever there are ongoing repairs, renovations, or maintenance work that poses potential hazards to pedestrians.  

Why: Construction sites can present various dangers to pedestrians, including heavy machinery, flying debris, uneven surfaces, tripping hazards, and falling objects. Steel gates and barriers create a physical separation between people and these hazards, reducing the risk of injuries or accidents. They can also serve as a vibrant visual and discouraging deterrent, like fluorescent orange and yellow safety cones, foldable accordion gates, or scissor gates, for added attention and awareness.  

Entry and Exit Points 

Timing: Temporary gates are often used to manage pedestrian access to construction sites, including entry and exit points.  

Why: Construction sites may have controlled access points to establish safety and security. These barriers help channel pedestrians entering or exiting the site through designated routes, making certain they do not inadvertently wander into hazardous areas. They also facilitate the monitoring and screening of workers accessing the construction site.  

Crowd Control 

Timing: The use of safety barriers is common in open-space construction areas, like shopping malls or airports (or even in spaces where construction isn’t happening, like event centers or concerts). These safety measures are erected before and during the construction process to manage pedestrian flow around the area in question and ensure safety. 

Why: Large gatherings of people can lead to congestion, increasing the risk of accidents. Barriers, fencing, and gates establish defined routes and enclosures, facilitating crowd control, managing movement, and preventing unauthorized access to restricted areas.

CrowdFlex Acrylic Barricades allow you to restrict access and clearly see what is beyond the barrier division with vision! Multiple panels can connect to increase the length as needed, and since there is no limit to how many panels you can use, you can cover any distance with these barricades. Plus, the panels can turn 180 degrees at each connecting point which offers you the utmost flexibility. 

Fortify Your Safety Strategy 

Construction? Renovations? Inspections? Security gates, foldable safety gates, acrylic barricades, and other portable well-being measures are your on-site partners for a safer, smoother workflow, creating designated zones, protecting workers, building occupants, and passersby from potentials dangers. Talk to one of our experts to find the right solution for you so you can strategize your safety plan today! 


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