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Guest Post from the Screenflex Staff

Several blue room dividers are used to divide round tables and chairs in each of the eight classrooms

Visit our post to see other ways to use your Screenflex Room Divider

Screenflex Room Divider Guest Post

A member of our staff was invited to write a guest post on Worthington Direct‘s blog posted November 4, 2011. It was an ideal way to let readers know of the many uses for Screenflex Room Dividers, besides just simply dividing a room. Our dividers can be used in airports, churches, factories, welding schools, offices, and schools to name a few.  Screenflex Offers Room Dividers in over 35 colors and sizes to fit your needs.  Clear room dividers and heat resistant metal dividers are also available. Read about different ways Screenflex Room Dividers can be used.


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