Room Dividers! Top 10 Favorite Features To Look For

room dividers don't only divide spaceThe most efficient way to divide space temporarily is with room dividers!  Room dividers are perfect in any space, large or small. These days, many of you are looking for a divider that is multi-functional. Not only do you need a room divider that can divide space but you want a divider that can provide visual privacy as well as have sound absorbing properties too. I don’t blame you, I’d want my divider to do all that and more!

When you are looking for a room divider, there are 10 important features you might want in the room divider you choose. These features happen to be our customer’s favs! Take a look…

  1. Pyramid Shaped End Frame – Our dividers have stability in mind. Shaped like a pyramid, wide on the bottom and narrow on top, makes for a very stable room divider. Move your divider around without an obstructed view. Our end frame allows for easy transporting.
  2. Self Leveling Casters – Whether you are moving your divider or setting your dividers up, Self Leveling Casters keep your room dividers on an even playing field! For even more support, your corner casters lock into place keeping your divider right where you need it (opened or closed).
  3. Top to Bottom Connections between panels – Full length piano hinges provide stability and privacy. Every panel is connected together with one screw every 4 inches. That’s a lot of screws! For an 8′ high – 13 panel unit, we use 550 screws!
  4. Custom Position Controllers – Each Position Controller keeps your panels in position. The Position Controller will click into place so you know it is stationary.
  5. Sound Absorbing/Tackable Panels – Panels absorb up to 65% of sound. Great for cutting distractions and panels are perfect bulletin boards.
  6. Designer Colors – Pick from 36 included and upgraded colors. Vinyl, fabric and murals offered.
  7. Free Floor Planning Service – We offer a free floor planning service to all of our customers.
  8. Storage Latch – Keep your dividers closed during storage.
  9. 36 Sizes – You can select from 6 heights and 6 lengths to customize your room divider.
  10. Flexibility – Create various shapes. Curved, straight or angled…Screenflex can do it all. Add a multiunit connector and string 2, 3 or more dividers together.
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  1. I notice that you do not have any room divider with an office door for an office

  2. We do offer the option for a door. You can either add a door for more permanent use of your room divider or just bend back the end panel as a doorway. I hope this helps! Take a look…
    Bending back the end panel as a doorway:
    How to install a door:

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