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Master Kim in Lake Zurich, Illinois teaches Taekwondo and instills personal development to kids and families. In this video, Screenflex room dividers are used to divide the large gym into two areas one area is used for classes while the other area is used for belt testing.

Every month or so kids are invited to participate in a pizza party where they can bring a friend to introduce them to the “Art” of Taekwondo. Master Kim uses the dividers to allow demo teams to practice while the pizza party and instruction takes place.

Here are some examples of the types of rooms Master Kim can create using freestanding room dividers:

Screenflex Room Dividers Mobility


Screenflex room dividers are easy to move and easy to use and store in a 2′ by 3′ space. Each room divider mobility and design allow them to nestle together for compact storage.  Self-leveling casters glide effortlessly across even commercial carpets as well as matted flooring as shown above. It only takes seconds to set up your room. State of the art acoustical panels absorbs up to 65% of sound.

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