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Room Divider Set Up and Folding Storage Demonstration

Screenflex Room Dividers-Quick and Easy Room Divider Set Up

For over 30 years Screenflex Portable Partitions has provided the top of the room dividers that are sturdy and easy to set up.  Whether you are looking for a freestanding or wallmount divider, we have what you need.  A honeycomb core is covered with two layers of fiberglass insulation to help in sound absorption.  The core is covered with fabric or vinyl selected by the customer.  Screenflex Room Dividers are sturdy and durable panels encased in a metal frame.  Self-leveling caster wheels are attached to the bottom of each panel and remain in contact with the floor at all times. This ensures a stable and level partition.

See a quick video demonstration showing the ease of moving, setting up, folding and storing Screenflex Room Dividers!


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