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Screenflex Room Divider Colors

Color Categories:

Designer Colors

Designer Lake Color Swatch


Designer Primary Blue Color Swatch

Primary Blue

Designer Navy Color Swatch


Apple Green

Apple Green

Designer Mallard Color Swatch


Designer Primary Yellow Color Swatch

Primary Yellow

Designer Desert Color Swatch


Designer Walnut Color Swatch


Designer Dark Brown Color Swatch

Dark Brown



Designer Rose Color Swatch


Designer Primary Red Color Swatch

Primary Red

Designer Auburn Color Swatch


Designer Purple Color Swatch


Designer Stone Color Swatch


Designer White Color Swatch


Designer Charcoal Black Color Swatch

Charcoal Black

Our Designer fabric is a stitch bond 100% recycled polyester with a soft finish. The acoustical absorbing fabric features darker accent colors to highlight the weave pattern of the room divider panels. Due to its strength, using tacks, pins, and staples to secure items to the fabric panels is accepted. The Designer fabric collection features an array of color choices from neutrals to vibrant fabrics to best accent your design space.

Designer fabric colors are available on the following products: Standard, WALLmount, Heavy Duty, Light Duty, Study Carrels, Healthflex, FlexFit, Display Towers, Acoustical Wall Panels, GSA

Excel Colors

Excel Summer Blue Color Swatch

Summer Blue

Excel Grey Smoke Color Swatch

Grey Smoke

Excel Cranberry Color Swatch


Excel Sea Green Color Swatch

Sea Green

Excel Beech Color Swatch


Excel Sand Color Swatch


Excel colors have an even texture throughout the fabric to create a uniform color appearance.  The stitch bond 100% recycled polyester fabric is designed to withstand the use of tacks, pins, and staples on its surface.

Excel fabric colors are available on the following products: Standard, WALLmount, Heavy Duty, Light Duty, Study Carrels, Healthflex, Display Towers, Acoustical Wall Panels, GSA

Select Colors – Upgrade

Select Blue Color Swatch


Select Grey Color Swatch


Select Mauve Color Swatch


Select Green Color Swatch


Select Oatmeal Color Swatch


Select Wheat Color Swatch


Select Black Color Swatch


Made from sitch bond 100% recycled polyester, the Select fabric features a textured weave pattern consistent throughout the fabric. The wool-like pattern is accented with a lighter color yarn for added depth. Accepts tacks, pins, and staples.

Select fabric colors are available on the following products: Standard, WALLmount, Heavy Duty, Display Towers, GSA

Vinyl Colors – Upgrade

Royal Vinyl Blue Tide Color Swatch

Blue Tide

Royal Vinyl Granite Color Swatch


Royal Vinyl Raspberry Mist Color Swatch

Raspberry Mist

Royal Vinyl Mint Color Swatch


Royal Vinyl Sandalwood Color Swatch


Royal Vinyl Hazelnut


Royal Vinyl Ice Color Swatch


Royal Vinyl Coal Color Swatch


Vinyl room dividers are easier to clean and keep looking new, but tacking items to them are not recommended. The surface of our vinyl room divider screens has a fabric-like grain pattern embossed into it to simulate fabric. Choose vinyl partitions for medical situations, food prep areas, or other messy environments they need temporary walls.

Vinyl colors are available on the following products: Standard, WALLmount, Heavy DutyHealthflex, FlexFit, GSA

Specialty Colors

Clear Acrylic

Clear Acrylic

Clear Frosted Acrylic

Clear Frosted Acrylic

Frosted Acrylic

Frosted Acrylic



White Wet Erase / Black Tackable Fabric

White Dry Erase / Black Tackable Fabric

Fire Resistant

Fire Resistant

Clear Acrylic Room Dividers – Crystal clear 3/16” Optix® acrylic writable surface.
Whiteboard Dividers – Solid 1/8” wood board with a non-porous dry erase surface
Dry Erase / Tackable Dividers – Vibrant white wet erase surface on one side of the room divider screen and the other side features our Designer Charcoal Black stitchbond 100% recycled polyester fabric
Fire Resistant Dividers – Sandel™ fire barrier fabric has an ASTM-E84 CLASS 1 (UL 723, UBC 8-1, NFPA 255) fire rating

Fabric Room Dividers and Vinyl Partitions Offer Versatility and Portability

When choosing room divider colors, consider the room divider’s intended purpose before making your final color choice. You might feel like there are so many color choices you are sure to find at least one you like. Will, your fabric room dividers, need to blend into the environment, or would you like them to stand out? Are they meant to be an eye-catching display board or a distinctive traffic control divider? Take a look around you and figure out a good fit for your room. Fortunately, the color is the last component you need to worry about. However, if you need help, the following are some color schemes to consider when choosing your room divider hue.

Similar Color Schemes

If your room contains cool colors (pinks, purples, blues, and certain greens), it’s best to stay with other cool colors. A couple of cool neutral colors are blue and grey. These colors tend to coordinate with most other cool colors. If your room contains warm colors (reds, oranges, yellows, and some greens), selecting a warm-toned room divider would be best. Beige or tan room divider colors tend to be easy to coordinate with warm neutral colors.

Opposing Color Schemes

Complementary color schemes are colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel. Red and Green, Purple and Yellow, Pink and Green, Blue and Orange are all complementary colors. If you are looking for a high contrasting look, you might want to try selecting a color that is the opposite of the colors in your room. Be cautious! Using complementary colors can be tricky. These colors together are vibrant and eye-catching, use the complementary color scheme only if you want your room divider to stand out.

Analogous Color Schemes

Using these colors create a sense of comfort and serenity. Analogous colors use colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. They are colors that are often found in nature and are pleasing to the eye.  When using similar colors be sure to use only one hue as the primary color. Some examples of analogous colors are red and orange, green and yellow-green, blue and purple, purple and magenta.

Once you start using your new Screenflex portable walls, you are sure to find many other ways to use them at your facility. Our easy-to-use accordion-style room dividers are portable, making them simple to move wherever you need them. Because our customers often move our products to use them in many locations, we suggest you pick a color that will work well in different environments. Our colorful fabric room dividers offer up to 50% sound absorption and withstand years of items tacked to the surface. In addition to our many colors, you can also cover some or all panels with a whiteboard surface, fire-resistant material, have your logo printed on any of our vinyl partition walls, or even include a mural across the entire divider.

Our collections of durable fabric and wipeable vinyl feature a broad selection of color options ideal for various environments. We encourage you to browse the selections displayed here or view the colors on our products then order more substantial fabric and vinyl samples for a closer look.  Contact one of our experienced sales team members to help you through the selection process.