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A Great 60-second video To Watch Before Purchasing Room Dividers

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When you are purchasing room dividers, I’m sure you want to be reassured that our Screenflex divider meets strict quality standards. They do! Every divider is equipped with self-leveling non-marking casters, 14 gauge steel stabilizing end supports, full-length hinges, a locking device made of ST-801 super T nylon on top of each panel and corner locking casters.

Our acoustical panels include two layers of fiberglass to provide maximum sound absorbency and tack-ability.

To ensure the panel system and end support are securely joined as one piece, Screenflex inserts the panel into the end support and screws the two together from both sides.  A steel gusset plate is added to make this important connection even stronger.

A custom lock secures the panels in place during movement.

Thank you for watching! We hope these videos will help you when purchasing room dividers.  If you have questions regarding price, size or color of your dividers, please visit our website at or for immediate assistance, contact us at 800-553-0110, by email at [email protected], on Live Chat at



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