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Preschool Health and Safety: Reopening Strategy

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Between the ages of 3 and 5, kids need a lot of stimulation and individualized attention. At The Spotted Zebra Learning Center, a preschool in New York State, the teachers execute this well. The Spotted Zebra’s enrollment also includes about 50% of students in the Individualized Education Program. Because of their student population’s nature, they include a lot of sensory learning every day. Since many of these students need to continue exploring their physical senses, these educators needed a way to host as many of them as possible in person. To promote health and safety during the pandemic, this preschool used dividers for extra classroom space.

New Capacity Limits

preschool safety dividersWhen the pandemic of 2020 caused a worldwide stay-at-home order earlier this year, business owners and employees alike felt a lot of uncertainty. Due to their high germ-spreading nature, educational facilities in particular did not know when they would be able to reopen. Fast forward several months later to the fall, preschools and schools are starting to offer in-person learning again. Even though it looks different from before, opening up any educational facility during a pandemic is a huge accomplishment.

Additional Classroom Space

So how is The Spotted Zebra doing it? With social distancing still in effect, preschools in New York State can have in-person use with new capacity limits of 15 students per space. Under the new regulations, Spotted Zebra has chosen to split a large 1500 sq ft multipurpose room in half for various activities. Since it is likely a temporary solution, Sheri, the owner of Spotted Zebra, wanted a portable wall to divide the space.

Screenflex Dividers in Action

When she reached out to Screenflex Portable Room Dividers, we were more than happy to help. By working with one of our sales consultants, Sheri was able to find the right product for her preschool’s needs. The freestanding partition that they decided on was six foot in height and thirteen panels long. As shown in the pictures, this room divider was long enough to stretch across the multipurpose room’s diameter with a little space to walk in between it and the wall. Since germs spreading is still a deep concern while the pandemic persists, these areas are cleaned and sanitized in between each unique class. If a class just moves to the other side of the Screenflex partition, then they would save time and wipe it down only if another class comes in.

Revolving Classroom

By splitting up this new space, a revolving classroom emerges. Teachers at this school use this divided room for many different purposes. Classes will use one half for movement activities, while the other side is dedicated to eating or other play. Some teachers also use either one of these spaces when they need privacy or variety within their class.

In general, these portable partitions create a lot of options for the teachers at this preschool and their kids. However, since the pandemic is ever-changing with policies and restrictions, what works today may not tomorrow. With flexible and adaptable dividers, Spotted Zebra can adjust their settings as their needs change. Sheri told us she loves her portable walls, especially how sturdy and easy to set up they are. We are thrilled that our products gave her preschool the flexibility that they need for her student’s health and safety.

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