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Veterans Day Airport Sign

Market: Government - GSA
Use: , Color: Length: Height:

The Location

United Airlines

The Challenge

Honor Veterans With Signage

The Solution

We at Screenflex love seeing how our products help honor our United States Veterans. A few years ago on Veterans Day, we noticed a brilliant display near United Airlines in the Airport. Not only did it have a great message, but it was also attached to a Screenflex Divider. This five-panel partition was folded into three and had a sign made to custom fit on top of it. The tackable fabric allows the large signage to be stapled on without damage to the panels. It also keeps the display from falling as well. When the showcase is no longer necessary, the divider can easily be reused elsewhere in the airport or tucked away in storage as well.

Thank you to all who have served our country on Veteran’s Day and every day.