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University Level Art Show

The Location

University Art Class

The Challenge

Moveable art displays for new showcases

The Solution

Your display units at a university-level art show should look as professional as the pieces hanging on them. Since the students are typically at a more advanced creation level, they usually need a durable surface to hold both their paintings/photography and the frames around them. By utilizing a Screenflex Portable room divider, this university created a sleek and professional-looking art showcase.

As shown, three Standard Room Dividers are holding student art in this scene. The tackable fabric on the panels allows these paintings to be displayed safely without damaging the art or the dividers. Since these art show partitions have locking casters on the end frame, they can stay in place for extra safety. Even though the temporary walls shown are a pale gray, there are also almost 30 other tackable fabric colors to choose from as well. These options can help create the right ambiance for your university-level art show while making the pieces stand out. Other important features of the display panels include ease of mobility and collapsibility for compact storage. Since art galleries sometimes need to be flipped for different events, the room and its furniture must adapt quickly. Screenflex partitions easily accomplish this task.

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