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The Impact of Duraflex 6’ Rolling Dividers in local Community Center

The Location

Town Community center

The Challenge

Versatile space division solution

The Solution

The Duraflex 6’ Rolling Divider proved to be the ideal solution for the client’s requirements. Its portable nature, economic pricing, and customization options made it a perfect fit for their dynamic space needs. The Dividers were strategically placed in key areas of the community center, creating temporary spaces for workshops, seminars, fitness classes, and more.  

The implementation of the Duraflex 6’ Rolling Dividers significantly improved the functionality of the community center. The staff reported a streamlined process of space management, enabling them to cater to a wide range of activities without the need for extensive setup or breakdown time. The dividers not only provided practical benefits but also added a visually appealing element to the space, contributing to a positive experience for users. 

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