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Sports Partitions for Athletic Facility

The Location

Athletic Facility

The Challenge

Divide Gymnasium for Various Sports Camps.

The Solution

In a large gymnasium, it is necessary to be adaptable. Most sports complexes offer plenty of room for every type of practice, game, or skills camp. If an organization rents out the whole facility for a training camp, it could be beneficial to offer them more than just the space to play. Try to offer other tools they may use as well. Since training camps typically have many stations set up, offering sports partitions to divide the room could help them out. Screenflex Portable Room Dividers provide an excellent product for this purpose.

As shown in the picture, the Standard Room Dividers are excellent products for adaptability. For kids to not get distracted, it is helpful to have a barrier that blocks their sight of the next station. These sports partitions also fold accordion-style, making it easy for coaches to shape them however they are needed. The dividers also rest on casters that can easily glide around the floor. These casters also lock in place to create added sturdiness between stations. This feature is great for sports like basketball or soccer since everyone is moving and could accidentally run into them. To add the right amount of versatility to your athletic facility, try these portable room dividers.

Divide rooms •Reduce Noise • Maximize Gym Space

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