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School Safety for Athletic Events

The Location

Covenant School

The Challenge

Temporary Walls for Display and Storage

The Solution

High school buildings can face an influx is guests during sporting events or activities.  School administrators are in constant need of finding a balance in opening their school to visitors while maintaining safety measures for all guests to enjoy the event they are attending.  More and more, school leaders are turning to Screenflex Room Dividers as a method to control entrances, divide space and display relevant information.  Here, Covenant School uses their temporary walls to guide visitors directly into the gymnasium upon entering the school.  Therefore, guests cannot wander the open hallways of the school.  Dividers are also placed in the corner of the gym to separate a storage area from view.  This additional storage space is convenient for staff needing to set up chairs for other events.  “The best way to describe Screenflex dividers is Versatility!” comments Mark from Covenant School.  “The partitions are so easy to shape to conform to your space.”





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