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Modify Your Church Basement with Portable Partition Walls

The Location

Emmanuel Episcopal Church

The Challenge

Added classrooms

The Solution

Portable Partition Walls by Screenflex

Our sales consultant, Lourdes Morales, enjoyed working with Phil from Emmanuel Episcopal Church (EEC) from Rockford, IL.  After listening to the needs of him and his staff she was sure Screenflex portable partition walls were an easy solution for their need for added classrooms.  The EEC staff visited our showroom and manufacturing facility in Lake Zurich, IL to see how our room dividers first hand.  They liked the ease of mobility and durability of our units. Screenflex Room Dividers are an easy solution to creating separate teaching areas for their Youth Ministry in their basement.  EEC purchased two room dividers in our Excel Stone fabric to divide their church basement into three areas for the students; one to watch educational videos and telecasts, two an area for small group time, or dining, and three a lounge area for the students to relax.  Optional nylon storage caddies were purchased that fit snugly over the end frame to store notebooks, pens, art materials, books, etc. Velcro closures hold the caddy securely in place.

Divide Fellowship Space • Reduce Noise • Display Materials

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