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Plasma Donation Privacy

Market: Healthcare
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The Location

Plasma Donation Center

The Challenge

Privacy for Plasma Donors

The Solution

A medical facility needs its privacy. From emergency rooms to mental health care, HIPAA policies and regulations cover them all. One type of facility that can often get overlooked in this area is a Plasma Donation Center. Plasma donation is crucial for healthcare practitioners, and most places even pay donors for such a vital bodily fluid. The issue with this type of site is that privacy can be deemed unnecessary for a voluntary appointment. When patients need seclusion, these places are looking for an easy and portable fix.

To ensure the patient’s privacy and also the cleanliness of these centers, plasma donation staff use Screenflex Standard Dividers. These partitions in the photo are 6’0 tall, a perfect height to shield most people when standing. The sturdy sound-absorbing panels create both a visual and auditory barrier for each patient. For sanitary needs, the screens use a vinyl surface. These are simple to clean and can also have a microbial coat added to it for extra germ blocking. When it comes to healthcare, patients have a right to high quality and durable products. Both donors and staff alike have appreciated having these dividers added to their facilities and recommend them to others in the future.

Patient Privacy • Noise Reduction

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