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Party Area in Family Fun Center

Market: Amusement
Use: Color: Length: Height:

The Location

Family Fun Center

The Challenge

Contained Party Area

The Solution

Family fun centers are excellent venues to host kids’ parties. These establishments have games and activities for all ages and have the space to accommodate many people at once. One way for these facilities to make money is to have semi-private party areas that people can reserve for their group. This area gives them a place to leave their stuff and guarantees them table space for food. To create a border for these reserved spaces, family centers are looking to Screenflex.

Screenflex Standard Room Dividers are used in the photo for crowd control of the designated party rooms. These Designer Purple panels match the seating of the tables and foster a festive atmosphere. The partitions stand at 4’0,” making it easy for parents to keep an eye on their kids even when they are not in the enclosed area. Need to create two small reserved spots at once? These screens are on movable casters that can be positioned anywhere in the room to divide the space more efficiently. The corner casters also lock in place, creating a sturdy device that can withstand light pressure. Various owners of family fun centers create party areas with Screenflex products and recommend them to others as well.