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Change the Way You View Your Multipurpose Room

The Location

Blessed Sacrament Parish

The Challenge

Additional privacy in a shared multipurpose room

The Solution

Having a large multipurpose room in a church is a blessing.  It is wonderful to be able to host a myriad of activities and functions to the congregation and the community.  As the staff at Holy Cross Parish watched their ministries grow, they decided they needed to rethink the design of their multipurpose room.  They had one requirement, the space needed to be flexible.  After researching the quality of material and sound absorbing properties of Screenflex Room Dividers, the staff quickly purchased their new room dividers.  Now, this once large space can be divided into smaller classrooms for Sunday school, bible studies and AWANA classrooms.  As an added bonus, the Screenflex Room Dividers absorb up to 50% of the sound in large space.


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