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Multi-Use Church Partitions

The Location

Friendship Baptist Church- Warner Robins, GA

The Challenge

Section off areas in the church with room dividers

The Solution

A church is an adaptable facility. We at Screenflex know this to be true not only from personal experience but also from our customers’ feedback. Often, churches have multipurpose rooms in their facilities that need to accommodate events of different styles and sizes. While there are several ways to create and adapt event space, our customers typically find room dividers the most effective solution. Here’s why a church needs multi-use Screenflex portable partitions for their space needs.

Shown in the picture is a thirteen-panel Screenflex Standard Room Divider. This partition is 6’8″ tall and has fabric-covered panels for easy tackability. At Friendship Baptist Church, the divider is placed in their gymnasium to help separate the space for bible study classrooms, small events, and other fellowship groups. The best part about these partitions is that they allow the church to multi-use the space simultaneously. These walls are freestanding and can create separation anywhere in the room and within minutes. Not only do these screens offer visual privacy but also some auditory privacy too since they absorb some sound. Although not displayed in the photo, the fabric on the panels is also tackable, which makes hanging up signage a breeze. These features are why Screenflex Room Dividers can help shape any church room or other space.

Divide Fellowship Space • Reduce Noise • Display Materials

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