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WM 9 Panel 16'-6"

Images of Wallmount 9-Panel Dividers

Screenflex offers a wallmount 9-panel dividers which are perfect for dividing the same space on a continuous basis. L-brackets secure one side of the room divider to the wall on a permanent basis. The accordion style panels open away from the wall extending to the desired length available or needed.  When the full use of the room is needed simply close the panels securely together and store snug against the wall.  Our sales representative can help you in selecting the right size room divider for your needs.  Shown here are images of our 16'6" long wallmount dividers in use.  It is important to note if you need your panels folding to the left or the right on the wall to ensure the correct purchase of panels and brackets.  The Screenflex Wallmount Room Dividers are available in any one of our 38 100% recycled polyester fabric choices.

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