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Increased Enrollment in Private Schools Create New Needs

The Location

Ukrainian School of San Francisco

The Challenge

Additional classrooms for a growing education program

The Solution

Addressing the needs when you experience increased enrollment in private schools

The Ukrainian School of San Francisco contacted Screenflex looking for help with their expanding education program. In recent years they experienced an increased enrollment in private schools in and around their facility.  However, with an increase in student enrollment, comes the need for additional classroom space. Screenflex Portable Room Dividers are a simple and cost-effective solution to expanding your classroom space without the need for costly construction.  Therefore, our design consultants worked with the school staff to find the right size room divider to fit their need. The divider arrives fully assembled and ready to roll into place. Because the room dividers roll on wheels, they are easy to move various locations as different needs arise.  By selecting a neutral fabric color from our 38 color options, the panels were aesthetically appealing and useful.  Furthermore, Screenflex Dividers absorb up to  50% of the ambient sound in the room, reducing distractions.

Divide Classrooms • Reduce Noise • Display Materials

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