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Enhance Your Go-Kart Party Room

Market: Hospitality
Color: Length: Height:

The Location

Autobahn Indoor Speedway

The Challenge

Partition for special events

The Solution

When you walk into the Autobahn Indoor Speedway in Tampa, FL their logo is placed all throughout their facility.  Go-karting is their passion and they want everyone to have a memorable experience at the Autobahn.  The company is known for a great place to host a party while enjoying some time on the course.  With the party business expanding, they needed a way to create more party rooms.  However, they also wanted the flexibility of enjoying their large party room for larger events.  The Screenflex sales team worked with Autobahn to find a room divider in just the right dimensions to divide their party room into two smaller party rooms.  This allows the facility to host more parties and increases revenue.  To continue with the branding found throughout the speedway, the Autobahn opted to add their logo to a seven-panel black vinyl room divider.  The divider looks great and is easy to wipe clean.